Adaptations or Interpretations are theoretical manuals based on period ideas re-explained by an out of period author using his own words. These books are perhaps the easiest introduction to some of the basics of period fencing. Once these basics are acquired, the student should dig deeper in to the specifics of the master(s) that they have developed an interest in.

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Arte of Defence: An Introduction to the Use of Rapier, William Wilson, ISBN 1891448188, $25.

Llwyd says: This is an excellent modern adaptation of period techniques with influences from a variety of period masters. It is an excellent starting point.

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The Duellist’s Companion: A training manual for 17th century Italian rapier, Windsor, Guy, ISBN 978-1-891448-32-4, $22.

Llwyd says: A very well referenced and explained approach to learning rapier with strong reliance and reference to Capo Ferro’s work.

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English Swordsmanship, The True Fight of George Silver, Vol.1: Single Sword, Hand, Stephen, ISBN 1-891448-27-7, $50.

Llwyd says: This is a very good adaptation of Silver’s single sword system with lots of photos illustrating stances and moves.

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Fighting with the German Longsword, Christian Henry Tobler, ISBN 1891448242, $25.

Llwyd says: This is an excellent modern adaptation of period German longsword technique based on Liechtenauer. It’s a full course with theory and drills. There are lots of photos and reference to period plates and manuals.

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Fiore dei Liberi’s Armizare: The Chivalric Martial Arts System of Il Fior Di Battaglia, Charrette, Robert N., ISBN: 978-0-9825911-7-8, $40.

Llwyd says: A fantastic exploration of Fiore’s complete system with small reproductions of plates, lots of photographs, and very good explanations of the technique. It also compares the differences in illustrations between different surviving copies of the work. I strongly recommend this book.

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Fiore dei Liberi’s Sword in Two Hands: A full-color training guide for the Medieval Longsword, Price, Brian R., ISBN 1-891448-13-7, $50.

Llwyd says: A very pretty interpretation of Fiore’s longsword system with lots of photographs. A large portion of the book is dedicated to subjects other than Fiore including Mr. Price’s combat school and how to choose equipment.

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Filo Dritto: An Italian Battlefield Methodology, I.M. Davis, 2014, ISBN 1494719673, $4.49

Llwyd says: Merges Italian masters Marozzo and Saviolo’s systems into an integrated technique.

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The Knightly Art of Battle, Mondschein, Ken, ISBN 978-1-60606-076-6, $15.

Llwyd says: This book contains fantastic high resolution reproductions of the illustration plates from the Getty museum’s copy of the manuscript. The descriptions are less useful to the combat student. This would be a great addition to Tom Leoni’s translation of Fiore.

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Mastering the Art of Arms Vol 1: The Medieval Dagger , Windsor, Guy,  ISBN: 978-1937439033, $24.

Llwyd says: First of an excellent series exploring Fiore’s system in depth. This one focuses on the dagger.

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Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 2: The Medieval Longsword, Windsor, Guy,  ISBN: 978-9526819327, $30.

Llwyd says: Second book in the series focused on longsword fundamentals.

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Mastering the Art of Arms, Vol. 3: Advanced Longsword: Form and Function, Windsor, Guy,  ISBN: 978-9527157060, $30.

Llwyd says: Third book with a more in depth view of Fiore’s Longsword.

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Medieval Sword and Shield : The Combat System of Royal Armouries MS I.33, Paul Wagner & Stephen Hand, ISBN 1891448439, $30.

Llwyd says: This is a very good modern adaptation of the c 1290 combat manual.

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Old Sword Play: Techniques of the Great masters, Alfred Hutton, 1892, ISBN 0486419517, $9, also available on the web.

Llwyd says: This is a nice adaptation and survey of period and post period sword masters and the basics of their styles.

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On Historical Fencing with the Rapier and Dagger, Di Battista, Darren, ASIN: B00XFIJ1CW, $10, available only as a Kindle Ebook

Llwyd says: Modern adaptation of period Italian techniques. Not a word of Italian in it beyond the names of the masters. Easy to follow and understand. Highly recommended.

Dante says: Buy my book!

Caitilín says: Only buy this book if you want to be awesome.

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Schools & Masters of Fencing, Castle, Egerton, ISBN 0486428265, $17.

Llwyd says: This is an 1885 adaptation exploring a wide variety of period (and some post-period) masters and technique.

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Spada, An Anthology of Swordsmanship, ISBN 1891448374, $25.

Llwyd says: This is an anthology collection of articles on period sword techniques.

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The Swordman’s Companion: A Manual for Training With the Medieval Longsword, Windsor, Guy, ISBN 1891448412, $22.

Llwyd says: This is an excellent modern adaptation of period Italian longsword technique based on Fiore dei Liberi and Filippo Vadi.

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WMA Illustrated, $26.95/yr (4 issues)

Llwyd says: Quarterly magazine covering a variety of western martial arts, some outside the scope of SCA combat, but all very interesting. Only 3 issues were published.