The Company of the Dragoon Guards has been repeatedly recognized for their combat expertise both individually and as a group. Below is a partial list of that recognition. For a complete list of any Dragoon’s awards, see their listing in the group roster section and click on the link to their page on the Atlantian Kingdom Order of Precidence.

Group Awards

The Vexillum Atlantiae honors and recognizes the ferocity and valor of a group of fighters as a whole, not as individuals.
Vexillum Atlantiae 8/8/2008
Vexillum Atlantiae 8/12/2010


Llwyd Aldrydd – Pelican – 2/13/2010
Rhonwen verch Tuder – Pelican – 3/27/2010
Dante di Pietro – Laurel – 2/4/2012
Flaithri O Cearnaigh – Pelican – 1/12/2013
Rhonwen verch Tuder – Laurel – 3/30/2013
Dante di Pietro – Defense – 6/20/2015
Flaithri O Cearnaigh – Defense – 8/5/2015
Raphael de la Rosa  – Defense – 1/9/2016
Dominyk Wolferam – Defense – 3/16/2016
Caitilín Inghean Fheichin – Defense – 3/17/2016
Benjamin Lilje – Defense – 3/26/2016
Llwyd Aldrydd – Defense – 8/6/2018

Total: 12

Combat Awards

Order of Defense

One becomes a Master/Mistress of Defense through martial prowess on the rapier and/or cut-and-thrust field.
Dante di Pietro 6/20/2015
Flaithri O Cearnaigh  8/5/2015
Raphael de la Rosa 1/9/2016
Dominyk Wolferam 3/16/2016
Caitilín Inghean Fheichin 3/17/2016
Benjamin Lilje 3/26/2016
Llwyd Aldrydd 8/6/2018

Total: 7

Order of the White Scarf

One receives a White Scarf for prowess in rapier combat.
Llwyd Aldrydd 5/26/2007
Flaithrí Ó Cearnaigh 3/22/2008
Dante di Pietro 8/5/2008
Dominyk Wolferam 5/23/2009
Raphael de la Rosa 10/8/2010
Caitilin Inghean Fheichin 8/8/2012
Matheu Herrero de Cádiz 4/6/2013
Benjamin Lilje 3/29/2014
Bumi Fong 8/5/2018

Total: 8

Order of the Sea Stag

One becomes a Sea Stag through excellence in teaching the martial arts.
Llwyd Aldrydd 3/24/2007
Dante di Pietro 1/10/2009
Flaithrí Ó Cearnaigh 3/27/2010
Dominyk Wolferam 9/3/2011
Raphael de la Rosa 4/7/2012
Benjamin Lilje 2/28/2015
Matheu Herrero de Cádiz 3/18/2015
Caitilín Inghean Fheichín 11/18/2017

Total: 8

Order of the Sea Dragon

Non-polling order given to those who excel in Rapier fighting in the kingdom.
Dante di Pietro – Premier 4/17/2004
Raphael de la Rosa 9/11/2004
Yoshimoto Kenji 10/9/2004
Dominyk Wolferam 4/1/2006
Brianna O’Dineen 3/22/2008
Turvon Kuznetsov 4/12/2008
Armand Schermitore 8/6/2008
Benjamin Lilje 4/11/2009
Matheu Herrero de Cádiz 8/5/2009
Caitilin Inghean Fheichin 8/12/2010
Wolfgang of Clan Roanwolfe 1/8/2012
Linhart von Marburg 2/22/2014
Bumi Fong 11/22/2014
Ffernfael Kymro 10/29/2016
Colette Vitalis 8/8/2017

Total: 15

Award of the Shark’s Tooth

One is awarded a shark’s tooth for an act of bravery on the field.

Dominyk Wolferam 4/17/2004
Dominyk Wolferam 8/16/2006
Benjamin Lilje 10/21/2006
Kenji Yoshimoto 8/8/2007
Dominyk Wolferam 8/8/2007
Dante di Pietro 8/8/2007
Dante di Pietro 8/8/2008
Dominyk Wolferam 8/8/2008
Dominyk Wolferam 3/20/2009
Caitilín Inghean Fheichín 3/15/2010
Kenji Yoshimoto 8/9/2010
Matheu Herrero de Cádiz 8/9/2011
Benjamin Lilje 8/9/2011
Caitilín Inghean Fheichín 8/9/2011
Caitilín Inghean Fheichín 3/31/2012
Matheu Herrero de Cádiz 3/31/2012
Matheu Herrero de Cádiz 8/8/2012
Benjamin Lilje 8/1/2013
Flaithri O’Cearnaigh 8/1/2013
Caitilín Inghean Fheichín 8/1/2013
Raphael de la Rosa 8/1/2013
Linhart von Marburg 3/12/2014
Benjamin Lilje 3/20/2015
Dominyk Wolferam 5/27/2017
Benjamin Lilje 8/10/2017
Benjamin Lilje 3/13/2018
Colette Vitalis 4/21/2018

Total: 27

Non-Atlantian Combat Awards

Group Awards

Dragon’s Teeth (Middle Kingdom)

8/8/2008 (as an Eastern Army ally at Pennsic)

Individual Awards

Order of the Bronze Ring (Middle Kingdom)

Given to individuals who, in the sight of the Crown, have shown excellence and leadership in rapier combat, and who have trained others in these skills. 
Flaithrí Ó Cearnaigh 5/29/2005

Total: 1

Order of the Cavendish Knot (Middle Kingdom)

Given to those who show proficiency on the field of rapier combat or exemplary service in furthering rapier fighting. 
Llwyd Aldrydd 5/28/1995
Flaithrí Ó Cearnaigh 12/7/2002

Total: 2