De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi, Philippo Vadi, ISBN 978-9527157091, $30

Llwyd says: High quality hardcover reproduction of Philippo Vadi’s late 1400s sword combat system in medieval Italian.

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Il Fior Di Battaglia: MS Ludwig XV 13 (Italian Edition), Fiore Dei Liberi , ISBN 978-9527157114, $30.

Llwyd says: High quality hardcover reproduction of the Getty version of Fiore’s amazing 1409 book describing a complete combat system. (Medieval Italian)

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Three Elizabethan Fencing Manuals, Di Grassi, Saviolo, Silver, ISBN 0820111074, $75.

Llwyd says: This is a reproduction of three period masters’ manuals in English. It can be hard to read due to period language and typesetting.

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